I have nine semesters of experience as a course instructor for graduate and undergraduate students, with additional experience as a guest lecturer. Courses I have instructed/lectured are described below.

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Human-Computer Interaction

I have nine semesters of experience teaching courses pertaining to Human-Computer Interaction with an emphasis on User Experience Design. I have experience teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels at two universities (NJIT and Montclair State University), including courses taught exclusively face-to-face (5 semesters) and exclusively online (3 semesters). My courses focus on user-centered software development and cover the following topics: lean software engineering (Lean UX), user experience design, interaction design, user experience research methods, usability testing, and project management. Deliverables at the end of each semester include an interactive prototype and a written report documenting the students’ user-centered software design and development process. This report has served as a portfolio of work that yielded former students full-time and internship positions in the tech industry. Problem spaces that students have addressed with their interactive prototypes in prior semesters include online dating, mental health of college students, and social group-activity coalescing.

Specific skills taught and practiced by students in my courses include:

  1. Semi-structured interviews
  2. Competitive research/claims analysis
  3. Identification of a target market and construction user personas
  4. Context scenarios - a "day in the life" prior to the students' technology intervention
  5. Card sorting to brainstorm solution ideas
  6. Context/Activity scenarios - a "day in the life" with the students' intervention/solution
  7. Key path scenarios - interactive prototypes demonstrate the solution's unique value proposition
  8. Usability tests - moderated, qualitative usability tests utilizing a think aloud protocol

User Experience Research

I was a frequent guest lecturer of the user experience research course at NJIT for graduate students. The course serves as a predecessor to the UX design course, and focuses on developing students' qualitative research skills to explore a problem space, define wicked problems, and build empathy for a target demographic. Students are organized into groups and provided a general problem space at the beginning of the semester. Course work entails formulating research questions, developing semi-structured interview guides, conducting interviews, and performing open coding to identify emergent themes.

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